Humor Person

Matt Storrs was lucky enough to graduate from school with crushing student loans and a law degree. Matt brings his law background to the stage with his sharp and pedantic comedy. In The Storrs Objection, a monthly stand up comedy show where Matt and a co-counsel fact-check other comedians’ material during their sets. Matt is also one-half of Phoenix Educational Programming, a creative team that produces The Storrs Objection and LadyKillers in New York. Matt’s hobbies include baking, doing squats in his office, charming moms everywhere, and being pedantic. He’s performed at multiple festivals around the United States. The Storrs Objection was featured in the Sonoma Laughfest, Cinder Block Comedy Festival, and Bird City Comedy Festival. You can find him on Twitter and Instagram. Matt Storrs is a humor person.

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Humor Person